Minimise Your Work With New Van Leads UK

No more ineffective adverts!

When attempting to sell any sort of vehicle, many dealers resort to splashing out hundreds of pounds on traditional methods of advertising, which will often bring only one customer in if they are lucky. With New Van Leads you can sell more and spend less! There is a market out there for everything, and now you can tap into the National Market rather than just the local market, so you are addressing a much wider market with much more in the way of potential customers. Remember that a huge number of large manufacturers have strong holds in the van market - namely Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen & Dacia to name a few.

Think About It!

Traditional adverts are very general, they will be put in places where customers may or may not come across them. E.g, say there are 100 people in a town centre, 10 of whom want a New Van, and you put up a poster of your New Van. A lot of luck would be needed for everyone of those 10 people to actually see that poster whilst the rest of the 100 people will ignore it. Now imagine a country with 10000 people, 1000 of which want a New Van who all use a certain website to buy their Vans, we put your advert on that site where that 1000 people will inevitably end up, meaning much more people, who are actually interested in buying your New Vans will be put into contact with you!

You Choose!

You can choose exactly who you want to do deal with! If you want to keep your business local you can do so, you chose how far out you want to go when receiving enquiries and can personalise it so that we only send you enquiries from a certain area or mile radius from where your business is.