Quick Tips

Have you done ample research but still not reached a conclusion on whether to go for a van or a car? Well we are hopefully going to make things easier (or harder depending on how you look at it) by giving you some more important information.

The first item we are going to touch upon is road tax. This mainly applies if you have the option of a company car or van at your place of work. When you take a van instead of a car you reduce your liability for the vehicle. Additionally, if other people are registered then this liability is cut further and you can actually apply for an arrangement by which you only pay road tax on any given day that you actually make private use of the van.

Next up is the option of leasing a van as opposed to buying one outright. The leasing market is very competitive for vans which mean you can get favourable deals with low monthly payments. The other advantage it gives you is that you can save a lot of money on the up front deposit, while you can often find 24 month deals whereas most cars are only available on 36 month plans. Moreover, you get more space for your money when you lease a van – you could lease a Peugeot Partner Tepee for as little as £135 a month whereas a similar sized Toyota Hilux could cost nearly £300 per month with a larger deposit.

Mileage is another big factor to take into account – the number of miles you cover per annum could be crucial in determining whether a van or a car would be best for you. The more miles that you cover the more sense that a van will make, as you’ll end up saving even more money through your fuel costs. The type of journeys you make should also influence your decision – for example if you cover long distances then this again points towards a van for good sense. However if you only make short trips in and around the city then you may be far more suited to something smaller such as a used Skoda Rapid and then just hire a van on the days that you need to transport large items.

Furthermore, you will need to consider how often you usually transport more than 2 passengers. Most small vans only have room for one passenger, while some medium sized vans have two spaces, but nevertheless you’ll never be able to take four or five people somewhere in your van. If this is something that could hinder your daily life – particularly over weekends – then a car such as a second hand Volkswagen Touran would probably be a lot more suitable.