Van Advantages

Are you tired of the limitations to which you must be bound by in your car each and every day? Do you feel it’s time for a change and that something more suited to your needs could be out there? Well maybe today is the day that you make a decision that could see you benefitting for years to come.

You have probably never even thought about the possibility of buying a van, but you’d probably be surprised at what they have to offer in terms of their advantages over a car. Before you go trading in your used Subaru Outback in for a newer but more or less identical model, consider the following and decide whether a van would be advantageous to you.


The most obvious advantage to owning a van is the additional space and greater size that you’ll get. We have all been there, in situations where you have just been out shopping maybe for home appliances or garden furniture and no matter how hard you try your items just won’t fit snuggly in the back of your vehicle. At first you try to squeeze them into the boot, then see if you can fold the seats down or put them across the back row – it can be a real struggle.

Well as you can probably imagine, you have no such problems when you are the proud owner of a van. There will be plenty of room for whatever you need to transport – and this can save you a fair bit of money when you need to move house. You could even help out your friends and relatives by lending it to them in times of need.

Fuel Economy

Every van is different and some are more frugal than others, but generally for their size you will find that vans deliver better fuel economy than cars. The vast majority of them are fitted with diesel engines and consequently you will get more miles out of a gallon. Another important factor to remember is that if you need to transport a large amount of items somewhere, it make take you several journeys in a car but only one in a van – you would use considerably more fuel in a car.


Most vans usually offer a high driving position which many people associate with comfort. Of course this is all down to personal preference but there are few who would argue that it is an advantage to be sat high up where you have an excellent view of your surroundings and the confidence to own the road. Take a drive in your Hyundai Veloster and then get behind the wheel of a van and you will really see the difference.